Lipola is played by two people at the same device. You navigate two characters through a world of black and white. Consideration is the high road to your destination. Only by acting solidary both of you can subsist.


Within thirty graphically highly sophisticated levels you are helping the (seperate) figures to reunite, to

get together again, while you try not to dissolve in your own body color.


Discover the captivating dependence on the action of your game partner as you break through all obstacles – but try not to knot your fingers. Sometimes it’s necessary to wait for the right moment, to reflect with your partner or to give him priority.


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With just two Colors – Black and White, Lipola  combines the beauty of shapes with gameplay. With impossible patterns, outlines and silhouettes you're not only pleasured by your progress but also by the beautiful framed levels.



ust use one finger to get your character to the end of the level. Thus it's the easiest way to control your character, it's always the surrounding which challenges you.



There is no space for egoism or to be jealous, playing a game does not always mean to be better than the other players. In Lipola you have to work together. Communication, tolerance and respect will lead you through the game.


Do you enjoy the journey so far? Continue your way  to experience water, deformable levels and more brain twister on your way to meet your partner in a world of black and white.

Finalise your journey and experience the last 10 Levels in a challenging environment, packed full of fingertwisted puzzles, dangerous touchareas and difficult rotors. Go through the final state of the relationship.

"Gefördert durch“

Idea & Game Design: Christian Greitmann

Art Direction: Katharina Muske

Production: Philipp Monjoie

Sound & Music: Philip Scheibel

Concept Support: Simone Pivetta

Character Artist: Fynn Große-Bley

Character Concepts: Janina Putzker

Social Media Marketing: Thorsten Fietzek

Based on a project at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg